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9 Secrets of a winner’s mindset

Whenever we try and evaluate what makes some people more successful than others, we can see many common factors that separate them from the rest.

But there’s one thing that I’ve seen that stands out, this psychological trait, that’s common amongst the most successful – the single, most important, area on which they focus their attention on, is their mindset. 

Successful people will often tell you – it’s all about mindset.  And the real truth is, yes, it is about mindset!

So let’s dive straight into the 9 secrets of a winner’s mindset, shall we?

1. Absolute clarity

There’s a vast difference between wanting something and knowing what you want down to the tiniest detail.  Winners usually set clear goals and plans that they follow to the tee until they get to where they want to be. We often see the same mindset in successful athletes who talk about visualizing success years before it really manifests into reality. Success requires us to define exactly what it is that we want and experience it intimately, much before it ever comes into existence.

2. Never lose sight of your goal

Eyes on the prize – that’s what it takes to toil through the days, week, months, and the years. Ignoring the distraction of trivial pursuits means that you can focus solely on your goals and creating the life that you always wanted.

3. Know what holds value in life

You need to decide what’s a valuable asset in your life and pressing you towards our goals – is it money, family, friends, professional circle?  If you go by what others care about, you’ll never be able to go after your own dreams. Decide what you want, don’t follow the herd, and let your mindset lead the way.

4. Attention is our currency

The average person wastes several hours a day on social media, TV, gaming, on mindless eating, vices, and other BS. Winners don’t waste their attention on wasteful activities – everything they do is focused towards their goal.

5. Give more than you take

This sounds counterintuitive – but it is true – to be successful beyond your dreams, you have to put in the work far more than you yearn to gain back! Always look to provide something valuable to others, and your returns will eventually fall into place.

6. Know what fuels you

There are many positive and negative motivations – if you can pinpoint exactly what fuels you, then you can find success by repeatedly tapping that source of “power”.

7. Don’t take things so personally

Ups and Downs are part of the equation – they do not define our self-worth – learn from them, and stay grounded and consistent in your actions.  Failure happens to all of us, and winners view them as an opportunity for improvement and growth.

8. Winners take risks

Duh, right? We all need to stick our neck out sometimes – no way around it!  If you follow #7 above, then you’ll be able to label a failure as an opportunity for growth, and will eventually not fear taking risks!

9. The power of the subconscious mind

Our conscious minds are childish, fickle and cannot be relied upon – it’s always changing its stance on things, feeling insecure and cannot make clear, rational and quick decisions. The winner mindset needs speed and clarity which makes them rely on something more core to our deep-rooted feelings – this comes from our subconscious mind (or intuition or gut-feeling), which have been proven to be mre reliable especially in high pressure situations.


These 9 secrets are powerful, and can be applied by anyone who wants to transition to becoming winners and succeed in their field. Adopting these however, will not happen overnight! They will require some thought rewiring, internal reflection and a change in your belief system, finally leading to behavioral change. Success is in your reach – you just need to put your heart to it, and direct all your knowledge, courage, diligence and effort single-mindedly towards your goals.

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