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9 steps to building your dream physique

Ever wondered why some people seem to be able to eat anything and still look shredded and lean all the time? Whether that’s pizzas, burgers and french fries (for some) or greasy chinese, biryani and perhaps ice creams (for me), haha! 

The problem is, most people “believe” that achieving that lean strong physique is next to impossible. And is “not for them”!

Most people believe they have to practically live in the gym, give up their social lives, eat copious amounts of broccoli and kiss their carbs goodbye! 

Let’s be honest here – no one can do that lifelong.  Just won’t work. 

We’re here to tell you that getting into great shape is doable! With the right coaching, strategies, assessing and insights, you can get there, really!

And the process does not need to suck, it sure can be (wait for it) enjoyable too! 

Let’s dive into some key steps of how to get the physique you always dreamt of, in the optimal period of time.


Fix your mind.  It is doable, countless others have done it, and you can do it too.  Most people sabotage their chances by giving up before beginning, or in their first month or their third! 


Focus on getting strong.  Not trying to simply lose weight. Strength Training has a purpose – do it thrice a week at the minimum, and plan for proper recovery.  Hit every workout with a mission to do your best, and aim to get stronger every week.


Steps!! Every step counts – your cardio (LISS or HIIT) and the underrated NEAT – they all count towards your daily activity goal – aim to work your way up to 10 to 12K / day and you’re in a good space. Humans were “meant to” walk, and it burns a lot of calories, without making you too hungry, and helps you lean out faster.


Your diet should be Fun and Doable, as long as you’re in a Caloric Deficit (critical). Don’t skimp on your protein though – shoot for 1.5 gms of protein per kg of bodyweight.  And NO, big dinners will not make you gain weight! I prefer saving my big calories for dinner, so I go to bed full, satiated and happy – now who wouldn’t want that? 


Track everything – more is better than less, always! Track your food, meals, calories, protein, weight and inches overall progress, and most importantly your strength in your lifts. Tracking gives you information and insights allowing you to constantly pivot/adjust when required.


Every now and then – give yourself a break – live a little!  Stop being in the diet mindset throughout your life! In fact, eating a little more now and then actually repairs and revamps your metabolism, and helps get back on track on your fat loss journey.


Hit the key muscle groups – focus on the bigger ones such as chest, back, shoulders and legs. The rest of the workout is more finesse and accessory work.  The big muscle groups (if trained properly) will give you that desirable V-shape!


Focus on getting really lean – not the “slightly toned” or “yeah, I’d be happy with that” weight-loss goals. Let’s aim for being in the 12-14 % body fat range for men, and 16-18% body fat range for men – this looks good all year round!


Patience! Everything takes time, and so will your long-term fat loss.  The goal is to make it a lifestyle, so you’re lean and fit all the time, not just for 4 weeks after you get done, right? It will take time: we didn’t get fat in 12 weeks, so we can’t expect to find our way out of the woods so quickly too.

That’s it.  Focus on the above 9 points, and you can truly transform your body.

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