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How I stay motivated to stay fit?

I’m sure you know how this feels ☺


You start your fitness plan with oodles of enthusiasm and a couple of weeks later your motivation levels drop.  You can surely skip the gym that one time, you’re sure…or twice? Nothing will change… Maybe eat “off plan” (we’ll not use words like cheat here) perhaps once (which is OK), or maybe one weekend (surely not recommended)…


And then before you know it, you’ve skipped plenty of training sessions, not done that cardio every other day, not logged those daily meals (or worse still eating completely out of plan).  But of course – we all want to avoid this!


So here’s how and what I do to keep my motivation up – to go to the gym as planned, eating right, and keep working on your goals relentlessly. This is my personal manner, and they work for me, but perhaps you could give it a try as well.


Find someone to train with

I find it easier to train along with someone – especially those who are motivated themselves too…you tend to energize and push each other! What's more, keeping fit with a training buddy is more fun too!


Treat Meals!

Create your treat meal frameworks – I usually have at least one good “treat meal” if I have been consistent the whole week – mostly Friday or Saturday nights – this is a reward since I am sticking to my plan, and making progress. But try not reward yourself unnecessarily – i.e. if you’ve faltered through the week, you won't (& shouldn’t) treat yourself any more – makes sense?


Listen to music while exercising

Phone on, earphones in, and it’s GO TIME! Time flies when you listen to your favorite music while working out.


Keep a fixed schedule

Schedule your training in advance, what you will do, in what sequence, how long it will probably take, and even how much weight you plan to lift (this can vary in reality).  

And stick to it – keep it non-negotiable and don’t let anything keep you from doing it!


Hire a Coach

A coach does more than make a program for you – free plans are available all over the internet, but information was all one needed, everyone would be ripped, right? 

What we do at AlphaCoach is help with building specific structure, systems and strategies for you, accountability, and ensuring you progress over your program! A coach’s role is even more critical, when things are all rosy – and you find yourself stuck – they look at the problem objectively, and are able to help blast through those nasty plateaus!


Track your Progress

Nothing motivates you more than seeing your own progress, over time.  Always make sure you log your training, your results as you journey towards your goals.  What gets measured, gets done, gets improved, and gets results!

The Log Workout, Log Food and CHECK In sections in the Alpha Coach app are perfect for you record all your progress, and provide your coach with all the information you need


Manage your Expectations

This is one of the biggest reasons why people fall off the gains train - they do not fail (in absolute), they  just fail to meet their own (wildly over-optimistic) expectations!  

People do not get fat in 12 weeks, but perhaps over 12 years – but they expect to be done with their fat loss in 12 weeks – sounds about right?  

Be Realistic!  Don't expect to see immediate results when you start working out. It may sometimes take a few months for you to start seeing larger visible changes – but don't let that discourage you – persistence pays off! 

I started a plan in 2018 assuming I would get shredded in 50 days, but I took 130 days! That seems like a HUGE miss – but hey, I did it, and I am happier for it.  And so glad and grateful that I didn’t fall after say the 80th day, assuming I failed!


Do all or most of the above, and you’ll see a vast difference in your consistency, your results, and thus your overall motivation to stick to your routine and program!




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