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The One Mantra For Fat- Loss, and Why Its Not What you Think it is

At the outset, please note that you will not learn about any miraculous potion or pill that will help you shed the extra fat you’re concerned about. You need to understand and must have realized with your struggle with fat-loss that there is no easy way out here, and consistent effort is imperative if you want to see satisfactory results. 

Which diet will work for you?

Every now and then, there is a brand new diet that claims to work like magic and takes the world by the storm. However, the bottom line is every fat-loss diet will bite the dust if it does not help you burn more calories than what you consume. The central idea here is to create a calorie deficit. 

Calorie deficit explained

Calorie deficit is a situation where your body is consuming fewer calories than it burns. This is the only way to lose fat in a sustained, healthy manner. According to the International society of Sports Nutrition position stand on the effects of various diets on the body, the only guiding force is calorie deficit creation. 

There is a mindboggling variety of diets and every body responds to these diets in its own way. Everyone doesn’t have the same baseline body fat level. The basal metabolism (the calories we spend in our standard activities, without any exercise) also varies from person to person. So someone with a high baseline body fat level and low basal metabolism would experience little fat loss with even the most stringent diet plan. 

A sustained calorie deficit is the fundamental principle of every kind of diet, and is based on common sense that if we consume more calories than we can burn, we create a calorie surplus and the extra calories will accumulate as fat in our body. And when we consume fewer calories than we can burn, the body draws that energy from its fat reserves. 

Exercising enough on a regular basis also creates calorie deficit since it ensures that we burn more calories than we consume. 

What you need to ensure

The calorie deficit must be created gradually and in a controlled fashion. Drastic and aggressive dieting and exercise may produce significant fat loss results quickly, but can lead to severe repercussions also. With extremely low calorie intake, you may start feeling fatigued more often. It is important to have a balanced diet so that the body is able to function efficiently. Always take the right way to create calorie deficit instead of adopting a punishing regimen.

Along with fatigue, poor diet and lack of nutrients can weaken the immune system. It can also lead to unhealthy alterations in the body composition, like reduction in muscle mass instead of fat. Severe loss of muscle mass can even cause death in some cases. A normal body needs a specific number of calories to function well and supply enough energy to the brain and the body to be able to think and perform simple tasks. 

While calorie deficit is the gold standard for those who are seeking an effective and healthy fat-loss solution, attention must also be paid to hormone levels, sleep and nutrient intake. Structuring your diet and exercise schedule will work better when you make the necessary lifestyle changes to achieve your fat-loss target. So restrict your calorie intake, while also get enough of calories to maintain optimum health.

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